is an online store that was founded after the discovery that beauty supplies are rare to come by and when located, they are expensive to buy. The need to find a central location that carried all sorts of beauty supplies became a necessity that would help many beauty salons, therapists and home owners get the beauty supplies they need affordable and in timely fashion.

Our store carries beauty supplies in form of products and equipment. Our tables are affordable, durable and are supplied under warranty. Massage tables and massage chairs can be shipped to businesses and homes at the most affordable price there is in the market.

Beauty Supplies

Anyone who loves applying on makeup or products that will help them improve their bodies knows how time consuming it gets when it comes to finding the right beauty supplies. Salons and barber shops know this to well, the reason why we stock a variety of beauty supplies and wholesale beauty supplies to help individuals and businesses spend less time and money looking for products.

Salon Equipment

A fully functioning salon cannot operate without salon supplies and salon equipment. We have stocked the most affordable, original and warranted shampoo chairs and salon trolley carts that will make it less hassle for any salon to operate its business without interruption.

Barber Shops haven’t been left out either and we have in stock the best barber shop chairs, equipment and supplies to help you stock up your barbershop and run it smoothly.

Massage Supplies

Massage can be done at home or at a massage parlor, we have the equipment for home and business. Get the best massage tables and massage chairs. For the best massage supplies click on the massage section on the website and get the best massage supplies available today.





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